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Just a quick one, as others may have this problem (or point me to a better answer):
I’ve been using symfony to add a few standalone bits to a project that already uses propel. This means I already have a schema.xml file, so rather than create a separate schema.yml for symfony, I symlinked the existing schema.yml [...]

Archiving IMAP To HTML

A friend has been having problems with a full imap mailbox. I googled for an easy (for me …) way to archive off the email, but came up with nothing – so I had to work the process out the hard way. Posting it here in the hope it’ll help someone.
Here’s what I did (using [...]

I’m not a fan of writing about other people’s articles if you’ve got nothing new to add …. but i saw this earlier on the google blog:
Summary is they are saying that it is actually easier for google if you don’t use URL rewriting. Something which goes against what we’ve all been hearing from [...]

I was looking at ways to squeeze a bit more performance out of a query yesterday, and came accross this:
Take this example (structure doesn’t really matter):
FROM table1
WHERE table1.field=’123′ |
ORDER BY table1.field2
LIMIT 20, 30
If you’ve got a lot of joined records in table2 or 3, then the [...]